New Settings:

Input Method
How you are getting your input materials?
Input Market
What system to use for inputs prices?
Output Method
How you are selling your output materials?
Output Market
What system to use for output prices?
Broker's Fee
What's your broker fee % ?
Sales Tax
What's your sales tax % ?
Reactions Skill Level
What is your reactions skill level at?
Facility Size
Are you using a med or large refinery?
Rigs Installed
Does your facility have any rigs for reactions?
Type of space
Are you doing reactions in Nullsec, Lowsec or in a Wormhole??
What system are you doing reactions in? used to calculate cost index.
Industry Tax
What's your industry tax % ?
What's the current SCC tax % ?
Batch build time
Time in minutes each of your jobs is going to run for (43200 = 30 days)

Current Settings:

In Method Buy Order
In Market Jita
Out Method Sell Order
Out Market Jita
Broker's Fee 3
Sales Tax 3.6
Reactions Level 5
Facility Large Refinery
Rig Tech 2 Rig
Space Nullsec
System Ignoitton
IndyTax 1 %
SCC Tax 4 %
Build Time 10080 Minutes